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Date Created
Thu, 3rd Dec 2009
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Mark Petersen
Date Modified
Fri, 5th Aug 2011

   How do I configure my iPhone/iPad for remote viewing of my DVR? 08/04/2011


How do I configure my iPhone/iPad for remote viewing of my DVR?



To access your DVR through the iPhone/iPad, you must download the iViewer application to your iPhone. There are 2 ways to download the iViewer to your iPhone, either through iTunes on your computer or through the App Store on your iDevice


To download through iTunes:

1. Connect your iPhone to your PC/MAC.

2. In iTunes, search the keyword “AVer iViewer”.

3. The AVer iViewer will be found and displayed in the iTunes UI.

4. Click AVer iViewer and click GET APP to download the application.  

5. Sync your iDevice to iTunes.


To download from iPhone/iPad:

1. Please make sure your iPhone is connected to the Internet. 

2. Select App Store from the iPhone main screen. 

3. Select Search and enter the keyword “AVer iViewer”. 

4. In search result list, select the AVer iViewer. 

5. Enter ID and Password to start the download. 



Using the iViewer


After iViewer has been downloaded to your iDevice, touch the iViewer icon to run. When running the app for the first time, you will see our Demo Site Login. Touch "Login" to view the DVR at our headquarters. Touch "Exit" at any time to disconnect.


To configure the app to connect to your DVR, touch the "DVR List" button and press the "+" button to add a new DVR.


Fill in the required info for your DVR and then touch "Save". You will now see your DVR in the DVR List. Touch the name of your DVR and then "Login" on the top right hand side of the screen to connect.


To logout, click Exit.

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